Why don't kids like to talk about their day

Why don’t kids like to talk about their day when their parents get home?

That’s the most asked question by parents. Strange fact is that they are the reason behind it. You give kids a lot more freedom which makes them their boss. They will be more caring about themselves. They won’t let anyone know their personal things even their parents. Another case is that children are ready to speak but parents are not learning to listen. The smartphone has made a tremendous contribution to this situation. People are not ready to listen to their child. They simply hang on WhatsApp or other social media platforms. This makes the child angry and they may stop talking to you much. Another thing is that the children may be busy chatting with their online friends.

These all factors can directly affect a child’s behaviour towards the society. A child who is not open to his parents won’t be mingled with a group in our society. I am not talking about social media groups! A child must be capable of talking with strangers, neighbours or any other personalities in front of them. This can only achieved by an open mind. Parents can do a lot of things to improve it. Some of them are as follows:-

  • Listen: This is the most important quality that a parent should have. You must listen to them carefully and reply to their queries based on that. This will make them feel that someone is there to attend them
  • No Social Media: While you reach home please avoid hanging out in social media. Other than that you can talk to your family members, play games with children, visit neighbours, or go for an outing.
  • No office discussion: Avoid office discussions at home. Never reveal your stress in office infront of your family. You can personally talk about it your wife later. In that time you can do some mind relieving things such as talking with your child
  • No Anger: Sometimes you might be angry for some reasons. Never put your anger on your children or family. This will make them stop talking to you.
  • No drinks: Children don’t like to talk with a drunkard. So never approach them while you are drunk.

By keeping mind all these factors you can make a friendly approach towards your children. Now you must make your children to talk. You should make them think that you are ready to listen. For that you may casually invite them for playing some indoor games. Then they may be interested to open their heart. The children always play smartphone games only because their parents are not ready to play with them. They will gradually forget their computer games and smartphone games once you start playing with them. This will not only make them less addict towards gadget games and also improve their logical skills. For example a game of chess makes them more brilliant. You can also invite your family members to take part in it. While engaging in these activities children will start talking to you about the day. So that was the best method to achieve the attention of child and let him speak. Try once, the result will be awesome!!!!


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