Valentines day is overrated

Do you think Valentines Day is Overrated

Hey guys, as February 14th is not too far and we all know that. Let me ask you a question, do you think Valentine’s Day is overrated? Most people say yes because there are lot of incidents that takes place on this day. People find it so important to become engaged on Valentine’s Day. Some people get succeeded. Others are busy cursing the lovers that they may break up soon. For both single and engaged persons this is a crucial day. Single persons wait for someone to propose them on this day and engaged person’s tries to find the most special gift to impress their mates. It is just like a coin toss. We could either get head or tail. Most people will be so depressed on this day too. When some breakup occurs the victims might be engaged to some other persons this day in order to make the other ones jealous.

So in all way this is a highly overrated situation. We have the whole year to propose someone and we are simply waiting for this day to come. By the time your lover will be engaged to someone else. People will be busy buying flowers and gifts and all gift shops will be emptied by the time. If someone rejects you then you will be depressed a lot. A kind of shame comes in your mind. This will affect you very deeper. Most people say that finding true love is a difficult procedure. You must be very careful. As a matter of fact Valentine’s Day is a situation when anyone can open their mind to propose someone. But the real game starts when two friends propose the same girl. The friends won’t open their mind and keep this secret until Valentine’s Day. Lot of struggles and problems happens in our college on this day. Moreover some people won’t come to college on this day to avoid struggles. Especially girls fear to come to college on this day. They may feel that someone will propose and they will be trapped.

The reasons why we call Valentine’s Day as overrated are as follows:-

  • Nightmare for girls: It would be a nightmare for girls with the fear that someone may propose them.
  • Empty pocket for boys: Boys struggles a lot to impress their girlfriends and which finally results in an empty pocket while returning home.
  • Depression for singles: Single persons find it so depressed to watch someone being engaged.
  • Girl’s day: The stereotype results dominance for girls. They will always be offered with special gifts.

So it is proven that Valentine’s Day is overrated nowadays. But there are people who enjoy it as the important day for caring their mates and promising them that they will be with them for the whole lifetime. Love is a feeling which is not likely to be expressed only in a single day. Each and every second it tells us to express. So in order to be a true lover you must believe in yourself and express yourself. So why waiting till Valentine’s Day, go and confess your love. Every second is important!