parents love kids equally

Do parents really love all their kids equally?

You may have probably thought this in your mind when you were child and your parents always considered your younger siblings a lot more than you. Every child has thought this in his whole lifetime. But the strangest fact is that parents really love all their kids equally. You can’t see it because you don’t know what love is! It is not expressed every time. You may have seen parents complaining only one of their children every time. This is because they know that in order to improve the behaviour of his child, this is the only way. Sometimes the anger must be suffered by the other child. There is no child in this world who has never suffered scolding from their parents. But then also you compare yourself with your siblings that my parents don’t like me, I think I’m their adopted child etc. These whole feelings must be removed from your mind.

Parents love all their kids equally. Sometimes they feel irritated about you and start scolding. This won’t mean that they don’t like you. They are paving a way to improve you.You must positively approach it. Let me tell you some tips

  • Obey your parents: The best thing to make your parents consider you is to obey them. If you are unable to do something then kindly express the reason behind it.
  • Help your parents: It is good to help them in various situations. This will make an impression about you.
  • Do things your own: Never call parents for silly matters. Do the work assigned to you by yourself.

By following some of the above principles you can make your parents happy enough. It will gradually stop them from complaining you. Before complaining about parents attitude think about them. How much they suffer to fill your stomach. So it is important that you may give some rest to them and do your things. Every child is special. They are not equal. Some may be good at singing while others will be good in sports. Parents treat each one of them differently. This makes a situation that the children may misunderstand them. It is not the problem of parents. The children should be more sensible to understand their situation and act themselves.

Parents should teach their children to do things by themselves. This won’t make a situation for them that you are more considering their siblings. In this way we can make our children more serious towards us. They will be more mature and stop complaining. The misconception still exists that parents don’t treat their children equally. That is totally absurd. The parents will have separate views about their children. It is always not possible to express their love. You must understand that even if they scold you, they love you very much. You are the only reason why there is doing this much hard work. So respect them and never think that you are not as good as your sibling. You will be more special than them in some other activities. So go, start exploring your talents and make your parents happy and proud about it.


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