DIY Christmas gift ideas

DIY Christmas gift ideas

There are a lot of do it yourself Christmas gifts for your loved ones. In this article I will be listing down some ideas for DIY Christmas gifts


We started with a very simple DIY. It is making a pillow-shaped cloud, a perfect accessory to decorate a home in country style with vintage touches, or your child’s bedroom. With this selection, you will find a thousand and one ideas to make designs of clouds. Put some clouds in your home, make them yourself or buy them.

You only need a fabric like a kit to sew and stuff cushion. Cloud is one of the most commonly used in the DIY field. You can do otherwise, a house, an animal, a star or a moon, even a letter. It is ideal for children or fans of the Nordic or vintage decor gifts.

Set stamped spoons

This DIY is super easy to make, you just need wood burning and a set of spoons, with wood burning. You can print the way you want. You can find the DIY article on “Wooden spoons engraved with different patterns”.

Once you read it, you will find out it is exceptionally easy to make a wooden spoon engraved with different patterns, you can also make other utensils this way for your kitchen.

Vases using cement

It’s as easy as the previous ones, you just need quick drying cement and plastic or silicone mold to make a vase that is ideal with a plastic water bottle. Prepare mixing cement with water according to directions. Put the mixture in the bottle and then put another little one bottle inside, fill it with anything heavier to put pressure.

Let dry and then decorate it as you like, paint it with fluorescent, metallic or pastel colors. You can use the plastic container that you used before and create candle holders, pots, ashtrays, bowls. Another option is to use silicone molds letters to make beautiful decorative letters.

A seal kit

It is certainly the most laborious DIY’s, give the kit seals. You can get them stamped on cushions, shirts, your own stationery or wrapping paper. Or print yourself a piece of clothing like a shirt, linen, some sheets. You can do some simple seals with geometric shapes or you can make more complex stamps with original shapes, such as glasses, a mustache or the name of the person that it will receive.

A gourmet gift

We could not miss a gourmet gift for lovers of good food and design. I have the perfect gift – baking cookie shaped letters and spelling out the name of the person the present is for. It will be highly appreciated.

You Just need to suitable packaging. In this case, put a cardboard base to hold letters and a transparent cover so you can see the name, just decorate it with strings and an ornament.

Recycle your old pots

Another current trend in the DIY are the hanging plants. You could recycle your old pots at home and paint it adding some designs. Paint the pot thinking of the person who will receive it and decorate, whether it is for a man looks neutral and dark colors, and if it is for a woman can do prints and use brighter colors. Now it only remains making the structure of strings for hanging on the ceiling, choose a strong twine or contrast color paste with clay. Cut 10 strips and attach them to each other all with a big knot. A simple and very spectacular gift for plant lovers.

A picture frame

This accessory is a very typical gift resource at this time, the difference is that this piece is made by you and also has an innovative design, simple lines makes it very original and beautiful.

You’ll find all the steps in DIY: a small block of wood to show your best photos, add a photo to your gift of a tender moment that you’d remember.


From the above, we just looked at some ideas you can make yourself to deliver as a Christmas gift. These ideas are going to be appreciated by the person you craft it for, so do this with happiness

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