Different Types of Fashion Accessories

There is no doubt, different types of fashion accessories play a vital role in fashion world. Accessories express your personality and attitude. A woman can not look fashionable with her clothes, until she does not wear accessories. Even an expensive dress can not give you elegant look without matching or contrast jewellery. To look fashionable, you need to select matching accessories according to trend. There are different types of fashion accessories in the world of fashion.

Various types and forms of accessories are Chunky necklace, oversized handbag or sunglasses or exclusive wedding accessories. Each type of accessories play a vital role on different occasions.

These Accessories can be divided in two broad categories –

  1. Accessories to wear
  2. Accessories to carry

Bracelet, Bangles, Rings, Necklace, Earrings, shoes and sunglasses are worn, but handbags, scarves, umbrella etc. are carried. They also include in this category.


Handbags are carried by women just for keeping money or different small things. But handbags also integrate your look. A purse, clutch or handbag can be chosen by you according to your dress. Like, you can carry a clutch with maxi dress or evening gown for stunning look.

Shoes or Sandals

There are so many types of shoes or sandals, you can wear according to your dress. You can choose coolest shoes or different kinds of heels according to your dress. Like, you can wear flat sandals, sneakers or gladiators, if you wear casual dresses like jeans, jumpsuit or pants. On the other hand, you can wear pumps, ballet flats or kitten heels, if you are going for a party.


Scarf makes your dress more beautiful. Everyone has their own way to carry scarves with dress. Some like to tie it around their handbags. Others like to wrap around their neck. Some like to wear it just for warmth. You can carry oversized plaid scarf for warmth, sheer or printed scarf for funky look or faux fur scarf to look stylish.

Which dress suits you best


Jewelry can also be chosen according to your dress design. Rings, Loop Earrings, Circle Earrings, Bracelet, Watches, Necklace, Chain etc. Like, if you want a chunky neck appear narrow, you should wear a necklace or chain which has a medium length. If you want to make a skinny neck appear broad, wear choker necklace. If you want a thin face to make appear wider, wear circle earrings.

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Sunglasses, Eyeglasses or Eyeshades prevent you from sunshine, sun glares and allergy. But they also give you stylish look. You should wear sunglasses that are smaller than your face. They should not be decorative. They should be competent to fit your lifestyle.


We can choose an umbrella to look gorgeous even in the muddy weather. Umbrella not only defends you from the rain, but also comes to be a golden extension of your appearance. You should choose an umbrella, which can be opened and closed manually. You can choose a waterproof or windproof umbrella with approximate size between 42 and 44 inches. So, if the weather gets cloudy, don’t forget to stand under your stylish umbrella.

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