Different Types of Kitchen Flooring

Different Types of Kitchen Flooring

Searching flooring for the commercial kitchen can be a difficult thing.  But, today this is no more a problem because there are wide ranges of choices available for commercial kitchens. When it comes to the commercial kitchen, search for the option that does not require much cleaning efforts and it should not be slippery.

  • Along with the asbestos floors, you can also opt for the stone floors and the floors made of engineered wood as these are easy to clean, maintain and buy.
  • There are mainly four kinds of commercial kitchen flooring available. It is essential for you to decide which one is right for your business. For this, you need to have proper knowledge of each of these types. One more thing that you can do is to take advice from the professionals.

Here are the major four kinds of Flooring for Commercial Kitchen Flooring:

#1. Commercial Ceramic Tiles:

It is one of the ideal choices when it comes to commercial kitchens as it is heat, water and stain resistant. These tiles are one of the expensive choices when compared to other options.

  • Ceramic tiles are able to develop amazing aesthetics for your commercial kitchen. These tiles are developed from huge kilns. It is the process that develops strong and water stretched surface which has an amazing look.
  • These tiles offer you not just durability, but you also get the perfect value for money when you buy these tiles and if you purchase in bulk orders, then you can also get the discounts and decorate your floor accordingly.
  • Being treated through glass glaze it offers hygiene and safety which is very crucial as far as the kitchen is concerned.

#2. Commercial Vinyl Flooring:

A thin resilient material that you notice on the floors is vinyl flooring. Normally this kind of flooring is fitted over the hard floors such as concrete. Due to this, vinyl flooring becomes highly durable. Apart from this, in case there is a padded floor then this floor will offer cushion feel. This is highly important in case of commercial kitchens as chefs will work for long period of time. There are lots of restaurants and cafes’ selecting this kind of commercial kitchen flooring as it is resistant to water leakage, stain damage, spills, etc. This makes it a good choice for the kitchen. Also, these flooring is easy to maintain as only wet mopping is enough for cleaning.

Different Types of Kitchen Flooring

#3. Commercial Brick Pavers:

Would you like to use some vibrant textures and colors for your commercial kitchen? Well, in that case, brick pavers can be a good choice for commercial kitchen flooring. This is highly preferred in cafes as the public can observe the area where food is prepared.

You can prefer to fit the pavers in the complete establishment. It is possible to fit these into the wall and this offers a very homely look. In case you are considering this option then do not forget that this needs to be sealed, which can be done with wax coatings.

#4. Commercial Stone Tiles:

If you check out the options of these you will find lots of varieties of these available in the market. The most common types of stone tiles are granite and slate for commercial kitchen flooring. Each of these is able to give distinctive aesthetic which makes every kitchen look unique as far as the design is concerned.

If you are selecting commercial stone tile then it needs to be abrasive for preventing from slipping. But, these tiles are very expensive and so check out your budget before installing these tiles on to your kitchen floor.