Different kinds of Heels

Different Kinds of Heels

A well dressed lady doesn’t look gorgeous, until she doesn’t wear a pair of shoes. However, especially, a lot of ladies are confused when they pick out shoes or heels for themselves. Because there are different kinds of heels exist. Every heel has its unique name. Here is low-down:

Wedge Heels

These Heels are high heels but comfortable as well. Wedge heel is joined with the sole of shoe, so there is no space between them. You can wear them with any casual or sporty dress or in a casual party with friends. These heels are not sharp. This is confirmed that if there is any comfortable or relaxed pair of heels, they are wedge heels. You will also find wedge sandals in the market. The difference between two is that in wedge sandals, there is some open space on the above side.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are best for those ladies who want massive comfort. These heels are perfect for formal parties when you want some extra height. Kitten heels are not high heels. These heels are not more than 3.5 centimeters. You can wear these heels with pleated skirt.

Some ladies want to wear heels but can’t wear because they can’t walk for hours with heels. But Kitten heels are made to give you relief. These heels are small and comfortable for formal works as well as casual outing.

Platform Heels

In Platform Heels, the part of the shoe below the sole is hard, it makes the heels more comfortable. There is a little difference between the head of the heel and base of the sole.  These heels give a stylish look with a classy and fitted dress. Well high heels give painful stress. But Platform heels are the solution for curing this stress.

Cone Heels

Cone Heels look like an ice cream cone – broader at the top and thinner at the base. These heels are stable because of heel tapers close to the bottom. You can wear them with sporty dresses like mini skirts, shorts and can also wear with formal and skater dresses in office. As the heel is thicker, it will give your feet more comfort.

Spool Heels

Spool Heels are thick at the top, thin in the middle and again thick at the base. It will give relax to your feet. You can wear these shoes with trouser and shirt or any casual dress also.

Sling Back Heels

Sling Back Heels have straps to go around the back of the heel. It will give you an elegant look as well as comfort. You can wear them with a boyish jeans and also wear with flared skirts and midi dress. The straps attach with these heels will support you, if you have any issue with the regular pumps.


Stilettos Heels

These heels are the highest heels, size up to 8 inches. Stilettos heels are perfect for formal parties. But wear these heels only when you don’t need to move too much. Because of their heights (8 inches), you may have foot-ache. So you need to be careful while wearing Stiletto heels. These heels are long and sharp.

These above are the different kinds of heels, you can wear with different types of dresses.