Home Theatre

Designing Your Own Home Theatre

Watching a movie on a silver screen or on your laptop simply doesn’t feel the same like going to the theater. After all, this feeling is the reason why we pay a fortune for movie tickets and snacks we could get for half the normal price. There is even a joke that about a movie theater being robbed of a $1000 since the thieves stole one large bag of popcorn, a combo meal and a box of milk duds. Unfortunately, this makes the idea of going to the movies three to four times a week financially unsustainable. On the other hand, by designing your own Home Theatre, you will make a great long-term investment and ensure that you can always watch your favorite movies in the best of commodity.

Preparing the Room

Some believe that their work around a Home Theatre begins when they start setting up the screen and the audio system. However, it begins much earlier. First you need to choose and prepare the room for the job. If you don’t intend on drawing in larger audiences, the smaller the better. If the room is smaller, your screen will seem bigger and you will be able to achieve the same sound effect with less powerful speakers. Furthermore, if you have the option, it might be a good idea to choose the most remote room in the house in order to reduce outside noise.

As for preparing the room, there are basically a few things you need to do. Start by painting the walls in a non-reflective color. Dark grey, black, burgundy or dark red are all viable options, so it is up to you to choose which one you like best. The next thing you should worry about is the insulation of the room, since it will significantly soundproof it. As a final touch, you can add some framed movie posters as a decoration and in this way make the impression of being in a genuine movie theater.

Smart Buying Your Screen

It goes without saying that the screen is probably the most important item in your movie theater. Still, you need to be careful with your money when buying it. For example, 4K screens have taken everyone by storm, while there are those who claim that there is no need to waste money on them. Namely, the difference between a 2, 3 and 4K is barely noticeable, and there is really no need to spend most of your budget on the screen alone. If money is no issue for you, buy yourself an Ultra HD 4K TV. Still, if this is not the case, it might be best to find a bit more cost-effective alternative.

Sound is as Important

When you picture a classic theater, you first think of the big screen and comfy seats. However, the importance of a quality sound system can be completely overseen. On the other hand, industry leaders from Universal Home Theatre claim that sound can be as important. Depending on the size of the room, you might go with 7.1 or 5.1, but if you are on a really tight budget, even 2.1 can be suitable. Finally, seeing how these speakers will be scattered everywhere around the room, it might be a good idea to observe them as room accessories and look at their visual side when buying.


All in all, setting up a good Home Theatre is not easy, but nothing good in life ever is. By being systematic and doing enough research on this topic, you might be able to make all that you have hoped for, with minimal funds. Still, you can’t put a price tag on everything, and hours of enjoyment your own Home Theatre could give you are truly invaluable.