how to design and sew your own dress

How to design and sew your own dress

Do you know how to design and sew your own dress? Well I’m sure it has been happened with you many times. You searched for a dress from shop to shop and came back home frustrated. But if you love sewing, you can make the dress you want and I assure you it would give you perfect fitting but only if you would follow the steps. So wanna try to design and sew your own dress?

Many women love sewing and keep trying new dresses, new patterns, mixing and matching colors and much more and play with their creativity to bring new dress for themselves.

Here are steps to make a dress –

  • Decide the dress you want to make. Do you want maxi dress, or flared short dress, slit dress or frock for your daughter? Which dress you want to make? Are you not sure what kind of dress will be suitable for your body? Read it – Which dress would suit you best?
  • Next step would be to decide the pattern. What pattern you want to make in that dress. In case you want to make maxi dress, so do you want to make straight maxi dress, flared or halter neck? You need to decide the pattern.
  • Fabric – Dress and its pattern is decided. Now you have to choose the fabric to design and sew your own dress. Which fabric is suitable for chosen pattern for the dress. Also how much fabric do you need to prepare the dress?

You can buy fabric from or from New York Designer Fabrics website as they have good collection at reasonable rates. They have variety of dress fabrics like silk, brocade and much more and also run coupons time to time.

  • Color – Do you want it in plain fabric? or in printed, embroidered? Decide the colors to prepare the dress.
  • How if you know illustration, you can illustrate your dress to get some idea of how will it look with some tweaks in design and color etc. If you do not know, do not worry. For now you can leave this step.

If you wanna improve your sewing skills and start earning from your creativity, you can read this ebook – fashion design online course. It includes start to end complete professional fashion design along with additional things like free illustration templates, fashion blogging tips, storyboards and all. After reading book, if you have questions, you can mail them and they will answer you.

  • Next part is start cutting.

    • If you are beginner, first cut patterns on paper then start on fabric to avoid any mistakes.
    • If you do not know how to cut you can get patterns from other websites. There are ready patterns available in market. which are made on paper. You can place draft pattern on your fabric and cut. Do not forget to visit these sites to get patterns for your dress.
  • Sew cut pieces together based on pattern and your measurements
  • Iron the dress to press sewing lines
  • Try and alter if required.

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Some tips are for sewing day :

  • Check each step again and again. Make sure it is the dress you meant for sewing.
  • You need to focus and also need energy to sew your dress.
  • When you trace or cut the pattern, use mass to keep the fabric on place.

Do you have a passion of sewing? If yes, you can be a fashion designer. Explore your skills. I love these summer maxi dresses from FashionMia. You might like to sew or buy them.