Daily Horoscope 10 December 2016


Be yourself and don’t let people around you influence you too much. Being “different” is nothing bad, on the contrary you will attract attention and help to easily make contacts with people, because it will be very easy to “break the ice”.

Your partner probably doesn’t want to share your playful mood. If something is bothering them speak to them, but don’t ignore it.

The work pace is set high, but stress won’t get under your skin today. Solve every problem with a cool head.

This day is suitable for reconstruction. Clean up properly or paint, throw away old pieces of furniture and look for new ones.


Give a free reign to your passion. You don’t have to hold back anymore. Stars wish you the best and your emotions will be understood and reciprocated. Show that you are not always distant. Be yourself and spontaneous.

Be careful around your friends. A traitor lurks among them. With this person you have to deal alone. Show them that it is not a good idea to make inappropriate jokes about you.

Make an exception, bite the bullet and help a person in need, even when it is the enemy.

Respect your body, you cannot last forever in this highly set pace.


Although you are not in the best mood, you should think about positive things. Definitely you have something to look forward to, life is full of interesting experiences, just don’t miss the chance. Go meet your luck.

An interesting idea will appear in your mind, but now is not the right time to entrust it to someone. Leave it for later.

Finally you will get to meet someone who has inspired you a lot. Take your chance and be creative!

You feel great and your condition is on top. Make good use of it.


It’s completely normal, that sometimes you don’t know what you want, or you are not sure. But you should always try to solve it. Especially now you might be lucky. Stars affect you by intellectual site.

Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do now. Right now this is doubly true.

Relaxation while experiencing cultural experience will definitely come in handy, so what are you waiting for! Go ahead!

You will be pleasantly surprised that despite your tiredness you are really good at sports.


People around you speak of you very nicely. Lately you really tried to be true friends. Now you will be rewarded with new contacts which you will obtain very easily through common known people. It will come in handy at work and personal life both.

You will experience interesting moments you won’t be able to forget about. Stars promises to the single ones adventure and to those who are in love romance.

Keep your ideas to yourself; there will be better opportunity to apply them.

You should complete all unfinished things. Later you might have problem.


If your experienced system doesn’t work, feel free to try a change even if it might be scary at the beginning that you venture into the unknown. Later you will see that this was the right step.

Don’t pay attention to rumours that you might hear about your partner. It would be better to talk about the problem and not avoid it.

Stay on the side of your co-workers and don’t try to show off in front of your boss. Nobody likes a sycophant.


You probably won’t be in the mood to deal with unpleasant people. But remember that it is not a good idea to get provoked. Rather stay with your thoughts and overcome the situation with silence. This is the only way to avoid inconveniences.

You can slow down a bit. There is no time pressure or deadline, so make a good use of it.

You are full of interesting ideas. Don’t be afraid to make a good use of them!

If you don’t feel well, don’t force yourself into things or activities, you don’t like.


You won’t stay home too long, and the vision of being alone between four walls doesn’t attract you even a little. Call you partner or friends and head into the nature or meet in the city for a drink. In society you will come to other thoughts.

You radiate positive energy that is why today should be the right one to dating. Be more social, you may get to make new friends or even meet your soul mate.

Visit your relatives, you will find out what is going on and chat through the whole evening.

Don’t be desperate if you can’t go to work because of sickness. From time to time everybody has the right to stay at home.


You can feel the change in the air. Stars are finally in the right position and affect you positively. It can be felt in the form of new energy, which will help you attract people around you. Making contacts will be easy, even when it comes to opposite gender.

You are confident in what are you doing, that is why you manage to convince a lot of people and also inspire them.

This is right time for serious conversation. You are great in arguments and stars favour you.

Your commitment is high and you feel that you can go on and on. But you should set some boundaries; otherwise this might not end well.


Sometimes it happens that you can get excited so much, that you stop noticing the surrounding and your whole attention, thoughts and energy devote to this idea. However you should avoid this. Stars don’t favour your ideas these days, be careful.

If you have worked hard in the last few days, take a day off and recharge the lost energy.

Be careful not to neglect your close ones, find some time in your schedule for them. They will be really happy.

Search your conscience. Don’t have unrealistic resolutions that cannot be met.


Sometimes a white lie is really unavoidable measure. If you do it for the right thing and you can manage to properly justify your actions, then it is okay. But be careful, you are on the thin ice.

Your relatives didn’t pay much attention to you lately, although they might have heard some rumours about you. Set everything straight and avoid arguments.

If you are completely sure, that you have truth, feel free to argue with your boss.

It will be better if you won’t engage in activities that will impair you, the risks are high.


The situation might not seem as difficult as it seemed for the first time from another angle. Just think carefully and plan how you will proceed. If you don’t underestimate the preparation you will surely manage the situation with overview.

Uncertainty will bother you more than the truth. That is why you should talk to you partner honestly, even if the conversation is unpleasant.

Feel free to plan your future. These days the stars are in the right position. You won’t regret any decision.

If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, start doing something about it finally!