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Cozy Cave Hotels around the World

Cave hotels around the world are probably the most delightful and the most underrated inns on the planet. A cave hotel basically catches the natural beauty of the area, furthermore, gives you an alternate vibe. A majority of these cave hotels are furnished with the most mesmerizing views in the world. Either made inside natural caves or created altogether from stone to give a cave like look, there are a number of cave hotels in the world that will make you feel like settling in them until the end of time!

If you’re planning a honeymoon, or let’s just say, a holiday with a difference, then apart from fishing for cheap air tickets or hotel deals, you should consider on the following eccentric accommodations around the world. These are the most enchanting cave hotels around the world, and if you try them once, you won’t go back. We are drooling over all of these. Accommodation goals?

Hotel Sant’Angelo, Italy

Think of a king or queen’s resting chamber, with nets gushing from the bed, a bathtub near the bed, and the whole white room lit with candles. How romantic does that sound, isn’t it? Well, you can literally live in such a setting in Italy. The destination is a major favourite amongst backpackers as well as honeymooners. So instead of skirting the general hotel rooms, try experimenting with this lala land and take your experience a few notches up. In case you’re the mushy, romantic sorts, then this one is made only for you! By the way, it also is a UNESCO heritage site and has a rich verifiable past to keep you interested.

Hotels around the World

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Perivolas Hotel, Santorini, Greece

To escape the chaos of the world around, and to have a romantic sojourn which you can cherish for life, head to the Perivolas Hotel in Santorini. The Perivolas Hotel is encompassed by the cerulean waters of the Aegean, and is incorporated with 300-year-old customary whitewashed cave houses, each with dream like setting. There also is an infinity pool and considerably more tremendous views of the caldera. The hotels offers a spectacular cave accommodation, with an extraordinarily rejuvenating environment and 5 star luxuries. Perfect mediterranean holiday!

Hotels around the World

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Sala Silvermine Hotel, Sweden

Asserting to be ‘The World’s Deepest Hotel Room’, the Mine Suite at the Sala Silvermine Hotel in Sweden is found 155 meters underground and is encompassed by winding exhibitions and profound cavities. You should dress cozily as the suite is actually icy with a heap of substantial covers close by to keep you warm. Other than a basic toilet, all bathing facilities are situated above the ground.

Hotels around the World

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Les Hautes Roches, Loire Valley, France

Nestled along the Loire river, this limestone hotel will give you the much needed privacy, a peaceful vibe in addition to a stunningly delightful room. The lodging is built inside an eighteenth century estate and troglodyte caves. The rooms are either modern or made inside a cave with the suite room being totally cave like and stunningly wonderful. It also boasts of dreamy chimneys and mesmerising river views. Let yourself loose!

Hotels around the World

The Museum Hotel, Turkey

A thousand years of history envelopes this lovely hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey. Suites are found both above and subterranean and accompany a dazzling view of the exceptional area around. The hotel is known as the Cappadocia Museum Hotel on the grounds that recorded curios are put on display everywhere throughout the lodging, including each of the rooms.

Hotels around the World

So get over the posh, mainstream five stars and seven stars around the world, and try something offbeat. These cave beauties are surely going to make your heart skip a beat or two. Even better if you have a muse along. These are paradise for lovers. Just try these hotels around the world!

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