Contrast House Decoration

When all of the colors in a room compare as variations on a single shade you get an integrated impact which is rather charming. Nevertheless this impact lacks a specific amount of power. It is calm, and comfortable, however it isn’t really motivating.

Contrast is when two matching colors strongly oppose one another. This apparent animosity, even if it is simply personification, makes an area seem more alive. Our eyes are drawn, inexorably, to such schemes.

The tourist attraction originates from that the result is visually stimulating. When we see a deep red beside a dark green, or a soft yellow contrasted with a sky blue, our eyes are promoted by the opposing tones, and attracted by the reality that they in fact match one another.

The power that can feature contrasted colors is used to excellent impact ion locations where it is important to preserve a certain quantity of drama in the environment, such as in an opera residence, a theatre, or a royal palace.

However you most likely don’t live or work in an opera house, so you need to beware that you are not utilizing excessive contrast in your space. That high level of energy, the drama, the visual passion, can actually make an area rather unpleasant, if you have to live and relax there on a day to day basis.

On the other hand if you are an innovative individual, having an office that has greatly contrasting colors may actually be a motivation to you. Another favorable effect of this is that of that energy will be daunting to individuals who are not made use of to it, which may offer you a benefit over your competition.

Some BOLD Contrast Color combinations in a room are –

  • Blue and White
  • Mint Green and Pale Pink
  • Ruby Red and Turquoise
  • Pale Green and Bubble Gum Pink
  • Pink and Orange
  • Red and Purple
  • Teal and Copper
  • Pale Blue and Royal Purple
  • Bright Red and Bright Yellow
  • Gold and Orchid
  • Pink and Green

We at Linens’n’Curtains can do any color combination you want in your bedding whether its curtain and bed-skirt combination or OMBRE or colored layers.

Contrast is an important embellishing device that you must not neglect. Use small items which have dramatic tones and tones, contrasted versus softer backgrounds, to include excitement to an otherwise drab space. As long as you are balanced in your methods, this can be a terrific way to include some inspiration to you.