Christmas gift ideas for men
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“Christmas gift ideas for men”

Despite what you may be thinking, there are a lot of things men would love to have, including those little toys for teenagers even if they do not notice it. There are numerous Christmas gift you can get for your father, as well as your uncle, male cousin, grandfather and brother that they surely would appreciate. These gifts listed down here will give you a whole lot of idea on what to get for them on Christmas.

  • A monthly subscription to a box of wine-Each month, he will receive one or more bottles selected by a sommelier with wine tasting tips.
  • Tickets for a match to see his favorite team with friends, or family.
  • A massage
  • A subscription to a newspaper / magazine
  • A shower gel with beer, to feel good in the morning
  • A capsule pitcher bottle opener, to play caps
  • A book to make origami ass, right now it’s much more fun
  • A Monopoly Game of Thrones, to care for the Winter
  • A bottle opener that counts the number of bottles opened during the evening
  • A guillotine sausage
  • A cushion emoji poop, a passion that is lived to the end
  • A headband mule (to keep class)
  • A bottle opener to his bike
  • A full style ostrich pillow for a nap
  • A portable device (for the train, plane, office, car …)
  • A hammock for the feet, the ultimate purpose for office
  • A watch with bottle opener, rather than destroyinghis teeth
  • Paper keychain bubble burst at infinity, it feels good
  • A magnetic game of darts, for recycle beer
  • Unicorns Slippers
  • A t-shirt “sorry for what I said when I was hungry”
  • Slippers of Despicable Me, for the Minions at your feet
  • A Millennium Falcon Remote, the ultimate class
  • A mouth spray for the Irish accent
  • Chocolates shaped anus, also class as romantic
  • A “Game of thrones” sticker to your toilet
  • A kit to brew his own beer
  • A sweatshirt “Winter is Coming” because winter is coming for real
  • A coloring book Game of Thrones, if he is a big fan of the series
  • Sandals with a bottle opener under the tong
  • The sandals socks to dress up in true German tourist
  • A Monopoly ‘The Walking Dead’
  • A suit inflatable dinosaur, one of the best things ever created
  • A globe scratch, not to forget where hehas traveled to
  • A card game on different animal droppings
  • A book “How traumatizing are children”
  • The lightsaber BBQ tongs, so that the force be with you from Starwars
  • A grumpy cat sticker to paste on the back of his car
  • Lego Breaking Bad, Walter White brick
  • A funny hat
  • A lamp panda
  • A mold character Lego cubes
  • A book on the art of farting
  • A superb hat beard
  • Pliers to grab chips without dirtying your fingers, to be big but clean
  • A little pig to separate the yolk from egg white
  • Slippers for feet with hobbit design
  • A “Doctor Who” Monopoly
  • A LEGO ultimate bat mobile
  • A rechargeable electric lighter USB


Apart from the listed down ideas above, there are still many more gifts that can be gotten for the men in your life that you can be sure won’t be a disappointment. Christmas gifts are for fun, to keep the spirit of Christmas high and thus, making life more fun. Do not be limited to boring gifts no matter how good it may be.

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