Christmas gift ideas for kids

Christmas gift ideas for kids

You do not know what to find under the tree with your children, grandchildren, children of your friends? Here are a list of ideas that can help you out with that


Children, you know, are fascinated by the solar system, including the stars. So why not give your child the whole sky on the night of Christmas? With Astro Multimedia Planetarium National Geographic brings paradise stellar directly into the room of your children: they will be amazed when they find out they can see the constellations and even shooting stars. The Astro Planetarium also has a radio and audio output for MP3 player, so you can also choose the right soundtrack while admiring the stars.


It is perhaps the most classic gifts, the timeless gift, that all children, sooner or later will require: the bicycle. Bicycles come in lots of sizes for boys and for girls.

HEROES (Spiderman electronic mask)

What child does not dream of having super powers and be a hero who saves the good guys and beats the bad guys up? A nice Christmas gift then could be the electronic mask of Spiderman: a way to put your child in the shoes of a real superhero.

FROZEN (Castle and Ice Palace)

Feeling like a princess has never been easier: with the castle and the palace of ice frozen between different rooms pretending to be a Anna and a little ‘Elsa. The package also includes the character Olaf.


The Harry Potter series has remained at the heart of your son? Then you can opt for this gift: a box of Lego on the world’s most famous boy wizard. Having 1290 bricks to build with friends the amazing Hogwarts Castle, the school where he studied in.


Since small children develop their musical tastes. A nice gift for Christmas, therefore, could be an iPod in which your child can put all your favorite tracks. Small, lightweight, also allows you to browse through the covers of albums, photos and videos.


How sweet are the mini pony! There is nothing more tender than a Mini Pony under the tree to fly your baby into the world of fantasy.


If your kids love to collect, in addition to play, here is the right gift for them: the teen age mutant ninja turtles. Strong, unbeatable and each with their own weapon that distinguishes them from the others.


Hammer, drill, screwdriver, nails, bolts: nothing is missing in the workshop that you can give to your children to help them develop imagination and creativity.


The games are evergreen and never go out of fashion. They help the child to develop imagination, dexterity and skill. And, above all, to play as a group, together with his/her parents. If you want to party with Donald Duck and his friends this card game is for you.


Waiting to see your child having fun driving a car? Have more fun with a radio controlled car. But not just any car, aim for the top by getting your kid a beautiful Ferrari California with soft Radio.


Who said that Peter Pan is the only hero of Neverland? Even the pirates, in fact, manage to gain the children’s love for their sincere sympathy. Here is a set with the main characters of the cartoon: Jake, Captain Hook, Smee, Sharky, Bones.

In conclusion, with these ideas presented to you, I am sure you will find close to some limitless ideas in getting a Christmas gift for a kid.

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