choose a wedding ring

How to choose a wedding ring

History Behind Wedding Ring:

In the western culture its start to celebrate the wedding by the help of wearing the ring to each other hand. The wedding ring is worn in the fourth finger of the left hand and otherwise its known as ring finger.

It is the trend even in the today’s time and no one can say that this is old fashioned and not in trend . People are adopting this trend more and more in the name of love , connection , relationships and family bonding.So, its important to us  how to choose a wedding ring.

Meaning Of Wedding Ring:

Wedding ring is connect to two souls and hearts.The circle of wedding ring has no ending people believes that vein of that finger is directly connect to the heart.

It is the most important part of a wedding and it helps to bind two families together.

Different Styles Of Wedding Ring:

The given below are some different types and styles of wedding rings will helps you for choose a wedding ring:

  • Solitaire – Solitaire is one of the best type of ring to express your feelings like to say “I LOVE YOU” . It gives royal look and its impressing to see by anyone.
  • Solitaire with Side Accents – Apart from solitaire , solitaire with side accents gives a big and impressive look .
  • Its center stone look enhance the focus to the people on the ring.
  • Three Stone Ring – Three stone ring is one of the best ring to represent the past present and future of the wedding couple.
  • You can honor her and please her with the combination of three magnificent things which are the platinum , white gold and yellow gold.
  • Design your own Wedding Ring –  Apart from all the above mentioned wedding rings you can be put your own or your partner’s choice .
  • You can put the following options in front of her in the name of wedding rings like gold , yellow gold , white gold , silver and platinum.


What metal should i choose for my wedding?

Platinum – Platinum is beautiful and adorable in the looks it gives white look in the past couples consider it as a first choice of them .

Platinum is fourth time expensive than gold but because of the quality people consider it most.

Gold –  In India gold is always in trend weather it is wedding jewelry or its a a small gift to give to any occasion . Gold is all time romantic and timeless in nature .

Gold is the mixture of many metal as :

  • Yellow Gold
  • Pink and Rose Gold
  • Green Gold
  • White gold

These are the metals which is used for making the gold jewelry and for giving the best look by use all these types of metal.

Sterling Silver – Silver is the most affordable metal for everyone . Its consider as more than gold at once in centuries might be because of the affordability or some of other features are also involved like it is good to wear because of its coolness and luminous like the reflection of water at moon.

Cobalt – Cobalt is created by the medical and aerospace industry but now it is marketed for the fine bridal making jewelry.

Stainless Steel – Stainless steel is famous for its strength , affordability and durability. It is easily can be polished for make look different. You can clean it by dish-wash or water or with a soft cloth.

Titanium – Titanium is very popular for wedding jewelry. It is specially for those people are not use to wear ring or who are like light weight jewelry. Its look very unique style and modern.

Tungsten – Tungsten is created four time harder than titanium. It gives hard looking shine.

These all above metals are make your variety wide to choose a wedding ring.

Things to keep in mind while buy wedding rings?

These are the few points we should keep in mind while choose a wedding ring:

  • Choose the right jeweler
  • Choose the right shape of diamond
  • Choose the metal first
  • Set the Budget
  • Start early
  • Be Different
  • Think Practically
  • Perfect Size
  • Keep an eye on diamond clarity
  • Ask for the certificate and warranty
  • Get the ring insured


Popular Wedding Ring Trends Designs:

These all mentioned designs are perfect to choose a wedding ring:

  • Rose gold – It gives the rosy pink shade.

Colorful Diamond – There are use by different color of diamonds . It is beautiful choice when you are choosing non traditional type wedding ring.

Colorful Gems – Colorful gems gives the look where the center colorful stone are situated.There is many option accept diamond so you don’t have to go with diamond.

  • Floral Accents – In the floral accents the more use of flowers and petals and vines.
  • Square bands – Square bands rings are the more comfortable than the round rings.
  • Vintage Inspired Design – The ring is consider as Victorian look . It is glamorous and timeless both.
  • Scroll Work Setting – Its elaborate the side look view the beautiful chain work . Its symbolize eternal bond of marriage .
  • Pear shaped and Marquise cute diamond – These are slim diamond  and elongate your finger.
  • Double Shanks – Its pretty and fashion forward .
  • Mixed Metal Halos – If you are confuse in yellow gold , Rose gold and platinum so you can easily choose it .It is the mixture of all those metals.
  • Mixed Metal Prongs – It is different metal from rest of all above . It gives seamless look with the colorful center stone.
  • Stacking Bands – This design is unique because of its crown shaped.
  • Twisted Bands – Its look simple and interesting.
  • Delicate Settings – In  Delicate Settings a small stone is situated at the center with the simple setting.
  • Bows – It is girly flourish look rings.
  • East West Settings – Its positioning horizontally on the band.



These style and savvy tips will help you to choose a wedding ring perfectly and give you the inspiration to finding a diamond engagement ring that fully express your feelings.

Determine her general preferences for choose a wedding ring:

  • Style , Color, Band and Size.
  • Use hints friends and family to out the ideas.
  • Methods to choose quality diamond ring:
  • Know your diamonds.
  • Choose your right cut and shape of diamond.
  • Use “Karats” and weight to determine the general size.
  • Keep on mind in the diamond clarity.
  • Don’t forget about the practicality of the ring.

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I am quite sure that you if you trying to choose a wedding ring from these if the stores you will definitely get the great experience .



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  • You can get the Spring collection and birthstone rings in the Anjays . This collection is truly gorgeous and high luxurious .
  • In this collection gold and platinum is use to create replicas of flower plant, leaves and vines. This style especially for who loves nature .
  • Cherry Blossom / Sakura ring
  • Fluer de Lis Engagement ring

These all the products are available on both the stores with the maximum best quality its totally depends on buyer’s choice what they want to get and from where they want to get for their most special day. so , It’s better to visit both the stores before choosing your wedding ring.

There are wide range of varieties of shape of Diamond Rings for choose a wedding ring :

  • Round
  • Princess
  • Emerald
  • Radiant
  • Cushion
  • Pear
  • Marquise
  • oval
  • Asscher
  • Heart

I discuss all the important things for choose a wedding ring as per my point of view that what is important to choose your wedding ring. As everyone knows that wedding is the most honourable  day of our life. So, take your full time for buying your jewellery as well as your other shopping related to your wedding day .For making this time enjoyable you should plan it earlier as possible because i don’t want you feel regret after, for your wrong choices .

If you have any other query related to choose a wedding ring you can write to us.