Cheapest ways to celebrate a Decent Valentine's Day

Hey Guys!!!!!!

Valentine’s day is coming soon. What are you preparing for it??? Valentine’s day is not just a day, it’s like a festival or occasion for lovers. This is incredible day, on which all the couples spend a quality time together. They spend lot of money on this day but here we brought some cheapest ways to celebrate a decent Valentine’s day.

1. Create Love-Letter

As we used to give greeting cards, birthday cards or invitation cards in our school time to our classmates, friends, teachers and parents as well. Those cards were handmade, but liked by all. You can create a love letter or love card for your partner.


Although, texts and emails has been taken the place of cards. But, still they are cool. Take a pen and paper and write your feeling about him/her. If you are not very good with the words, your partner will appreciate your attempt and will know how much you love him/her.

2. Car Decoration

You can decorate your partner’s car, while he/she is busy in his/her office work or in any other work. You can fill his/her car with red roses and chocolates and decorate with balloons the whole car. When your partner will come after finishing his/her work, he/she will be amazed and seriously he/she will love it.



3. Homemade Dinner

You can cook your partner’s favourite meal and dessert and invite him/her at your home. Because there is no better place than your home. First take dinner and then dessert. After that, play light music and dance with your partner.


In case you are not very good with the cooking, your partner will appreciate your attempt and love you forever.


4. Create a video

There is another way to show how much you love your partner. You can make a video by describing how much you love him/her in your words. You can make this video through your own cell phone. After that, you can upload this video on YOU-TUBE or many websites, which are free. Then you can send its link to your partner via email.


Your partner will see this short video and will create his more love to you.


5. Movie at Home

These days, it is not necessary to go to cinema for watching movies. Now, you can watch your favourite movie at your home. Buy or rent a DVD of your favourite movie from the nearby store, watch the movie with your valentine in your living-room and enjoy the day.

watching tv

Make sure, your mobiles must be switched-off, otherwise they will interrupt you in celebrating Valentine’s day. Join your hand with your partner and snuggle up to him/her. It will be the best Valentine’s day ever.


6. Decorate the mirror

You can try something new, you never did. You can write some awesome Love notes and paste or attach these love notes with the mirror by making a heart shape or any alphabet starts with your partner’s name with these notes. it will be a great fun and look cute.



7. Blow up balloons with love slips

You can write some I love you because…… slips and put them into balloons. Blow up these balloons and spread them in the whole room and ask your valentine to pop and capture every message.