Cancer Yearly Horoscope 2016

Cancer Yearly Horoscope 2016

The year 2016 will not be a bed of roses for you but you will witness many surprises and moments of bliss. So, this year its about blossoming among hardships for you. Things will continue to be disturbing at your workspace during the first quarter of this year, Some of you will see a completely new beginning after  this. Its important that you take one day at a time.

The position of Neptune and Saturn in your stars will take a toll on your health from May to October and alternative healing process like yoga, spiritualism will prove to be beneficial for you. You will tend to take too much and more than you can handle, but you should check on this and take care of your well being.

With the angle made by Saturn and Sun, there will be impact in the organization you work for. Its not that it would be detrimental for you but you do need to take more charge of your responsibilities and work on them with more zeal. You must organize your things and take very good care of your health to enjoy the good things in store for you.

This is a good year for you to enter into association with people. A business partnership with a friend is on the cards. You will tend to be more giving and sacrificing and enjoy it. The angle that Venus makes with Sagittarius in your sign, early this year will make you adventurous. You will feel the strong urge to explore new things and do things that are different.

You will have a great urge to learn new things and the desire to exchange your idea with the world will be very strong. So, this year it is about blossoming among hardships for you. There will be abrupt movements of a number of planets which will oppose Capricorn and this will adversely affect your partnerships.

The events that had adversely affected your peace of mind and your life and forced you to harden up last year will continue to bother you this year also. Be very cautious during the middle of October as you may encounter some opponent who is deceptive.

You are by nature a rebel and find it difficult to sit down and organize your things. But its essential that you start taking care of things that are important. And due to the position of planets in your sign, it is essential that you keep your fitness and heath at top priority. Keep a check on your diet.

During August, owing to the angle between Mars and Saturn makes in your sign, you will feel frustrated and find yourself limited by circumstances and its important that you don’t overdo things. From the end of October, you feel drained out.

In September, due to the lunar eclipse, you will do good by opening up. This year will be a mixed important and you can sail through the hardships that you encounter now and often by being optimistic and taking care of your health.

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