black dress and accessories

My Black Dress and Accessories for the Party Tonight

Helloooo Ladies.. Black is everyone’s favourite color. Mine tooo!!! I’m going for a party tonight and I wanna tell you about my black dress and accessories for the party tonight. When I decided to wear my black lace cocktail dress, I was worried. I mean What kind of accessories I need to put on with this dress? Which accessories will have a combination with this dress?

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These kind of questions were arising in my mind. But now I have decided what to wear. And I’m going to tell you my tonight’s secret.

Black Dress and Accessories

Girls, this is my dress for tonight. How is it?? I know it is marvellous. Now, it is time to know about my black dress and accessories.

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First of all, we need to talk about color. Black is a versatile color, so every color matches with black. Still, some colors don’t match with black dress like, navy blue or brown.

Color of Ornaments

Gold or Silver –

I would prefer gold or silver color jewelry. It would give an expensive look.

But if you want, you can wear black color jewelry too. If you want more stylish look, you can wear bright color jewelry such as red, yellow, light blue, orange or aquamarine.

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Types of Accessories

Necklace –

As my dress is halter-top dress, I would prefer no necklace. But you can wear various type of necklaces with black dress.

Like if your dress is deep neck or V-shaped, you should select a long pendant necklace or a long chain necklace.

black dress with accessories


Wire name jewelry is also trending these days.

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If your dress has square or scoop neckline, you should try a choker necklace or short pendant necklace.

black dress with accesoories


In case your dress is strapless, you should choose a bold choker.

black dress and accessories

Bracelet – 

Bracelet should be basic bracelet, which may be either gold or silver.

black dress and accessories

Earrings –

Drop or Hoop Earrings can be worn with this dress. These earrings will look fabulous with black dress. If you are wearing long earrings, don’t wear a necklace.

black dress and accessories

Shoes – 

You can wear high heels, if you are not so tall. These high heels may be black in color or in any other color. They may be shiny or glittery, strappy sandals, glossy patent, metallic sheen, high boots or slightly funky.

black dress and accessories

Clutch or Bag –

 As I have a strong black color dress, I would prefer light color clutch. For example, a silver, gold or beige color clutch will give me elegant look.

black dress and accessories



You can also wear a crossbody bag. These bags are very popular in these days. They are in medium size and you can keep your essential things in it.

black dress and accessories

You can also wear a shoulder bag, if you want. These bags are durable, thick and large.

black dress and accessories

Hat –

 If you are going to wear high boot with your dress, you should also try a hat with it. I assure you it will give you funky look. A brown, cream or white hat with black trim will look good with your black color dress. You hair should be clean and tidy. If they are loose, it will distract your look from back.

black dress and accessories

These are the accessories you can try if you are wearing a black color dress in the next party.

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