best things to buy on Amazon Prime Day

Best things to Buy on Amazon Prime day

Amazon is going to celebrate its Prime Day, on Tuesday, 11 July. This Prime Day is a perfect money saver. It offers several discounts. As Prime day launched in 2015, we saw the deals and offers of last two prime days. So we can tell you what are the best things to buy on Amazon Prime Day. We can also suggest you what things you should avoid to buy.

Best Things to Buy

  • Amazon Devices – Prime Day is best time to buy Amazon Devices, whether it is Echo or Kindle. As per last year’s sales on Prime Day, we can expect discount up to $30 on Kindle device, up to $40 on Echo device and up to $60 on Fire Tablets. On the other hand items such as Fire TV Sticks, also had discount of up to $15, which are exceptionally discounted.

Generally, Amazon discounts its devices on certain holidays such as, Memorial Day, but Amazon Prime Day goes to see great dollar-off discounts.

  • Digital Products and Services – Amazon had started its business as online bookstore. But now, it sells slew digital products also. On last Prime Day, these Amazon videos and Music had a hue discount. Amazon is now offering its unlimited music service for $7.99 after trial period.
  • Cheap Accessories – On Prime Day, you should buy accessories from a flash drive to smartphone case. As we saw in last Prime Day, there were discounts on accessories like this- 40% on SanDisk Products, 30% on iPhone, LG and Samsung Smartphones cases and accessories.
  • Non-tech Products If we talk about non-tech products, so on last Prime Day, Amazon sold 2 million or more toys and 1 million or more shoes. Branded shoes such as Adidas, ASICS and New Balance had 60% off last year. Branded Toys such as nerf,Fisher-Price and Barbie had up to 50% off. Amazon installation services also had discount up to 40% on Prime Day.
  • Consoles and Video Games – If there is discount under $250 on Xbox One or PS4, it would be a great deal. Last year Prime Day, these products were discounted and there were freebies like Amazon gift Cards up to $50.

These above are the best things to buy on Amazon Prime Day. Here are some products not to buy on Amazon Prime Day-

Thing not to buy 

  • Apple Devices – Amazon Amazon don’t give a huge discount on Apple devices. And also it is a secured bet that Amazon Prime Day will be no omission.
  • Laptops – Last year Prime Day offered a plenty of laptop deals starting as $199. But we suggest you to buy Laptops two weeks later. This month is peak of back to school shopping. Dell, Lenovo offers discounts and coupons throughout the summer and they will discount in coming weeks also.
  • HDTVs – Amazon sold 90,000 and above units of HDTVs on last Prime Day. It was a good deal. If you need a HDTV, Prime Day is good time to purchase. But if are not in hurry and can wait for sometime, we will suggest you to buy HDTV in November. You will get huge discount on 4K and 1080p HDTVs in November.
  • Cameras/Mirrorless We are not suggesting to buy Cameras on Prime Day. You will surely get discount on famous brands like Canon and Nikon. But if you want a best deal, you should buy a camera in the end of the year, when new models arrive in the market.