Best street food

Top 5 Cities in India for Best Street Food

Simply Slurppppyyy!

Did you just begin to drool by just reading the word best street food? Well, there is nothing surprising about this especially for us Indians. We love street food and just the thought of the scrumptious and delightful zest and aroma can actually make us go crazy.

The explosion of spices and flavours in the mouth in just a bite-size is just a joyful experience. There is something about street food that puts us in the temptation of leaving our healthy dietary options.

Street food is different in different parts of our country. From lip-smacking chaat in Delhi to yummy vadapav in Mumbai, there is a tasty chain of different types of flavours. Let us go through the top 5 cities in India which endow us with some yummy street food.

DELHI- Oh! Bow down to the Chole Bhature!

The capital knows how to keep its game on point by offering the best in roadside food and stalls. Chole bhature, a Punjabi dish is usually a part of people’s breakfast or snacks and Delhi is quite famous for serving the best among the other cities. Other famous street food in Delhi would include gol-gappe, chaat paapdi, rajma chawal and more. Search for cheap flights to Delhi and take a tour to this amazing place for some scrumptious delights.

Chole Bhature - best street food

MUMBAI- The Gang of Vada Pao!

Straight from the heart of Maharashtra, this amazing Indian version of a burger is an absolute delight. Being a staple food item in Mumbai, everyone loves it with their heart and soul. This dish is basically a fried potato dumpling (vada) served hot in a bun (pao) with red and green chutney. Some other street food dishes popular in this metropolitan city are pav-bhaji, batata wada, kandha-pohe and more.

Vada Paav - Best street food

BIKANER- The Kachori Capital!

Being one of the royal states of India, Bikaner holds a lot of pride and honour in not only delivering class and ethnicity but also some delectable street food. Popular for its kachori and mirchi bada, you will find these items in every nook and corner of this city. Another famous dish in this city will be daal-baati- churma and pakoras.

Kachori - Best street food

KOLKATA- The Rolls Royce!

Rolls, especially egg rolls, are very popular on the streets of Kolkata. It is basically a fried egg wrapped inside a parantha and served with chutney or a dipping sauce. This flavoursome combination will entitle you to try more rolls with different stuffing. The other popular street side food in Kolkata comprises of puchka or gol gappe.

Egg Rolls - Best street food

CHENNAI- Vanakkam Idli, Sambhar, Vada!

Idli sambar all across India is a common breakfast item served with coconut chutney. This street food including idli, sambhar and vada are majorly popular in Chennai and people love it at any time of the day. Sambhar served with idli and vada is a mixture of pigeon peas and tamarind and is a perfect compliment to all the South Indian dishes.

Idli Sambhar - Best street food

So, next time if you are travelling to any of the cities above, do not miss out on their street food. These amazing cities have some really yummy food to offer.