home decoration tips

Best 10 home decoration tips

There are no limits for the dreams and imagination is beyond this world’s hypocrite and societal thinking and among all the dreams the dream of own beautiful house is the dream which has no words. so here we are providing you Best 10 home decoration tips to make your home heaven.

As we know that every person has his way of direction and imagination that how his house should look like. So respecting all thoughts and with the help of heart reading experiments , we have suggested some useful and pocket worthy home decoration tips to help you in decorating and making your home heaven.

The given below are step by step home decoration tips to tell that how you can make your home more beautiful with latest techniques and creative thinking.

Entrance / visit Look

  • The foremost thing related to home decoration is the look and reactions of the people when they enter into your home.
  • So to get get elegant and positive reactions for the entrance of your dream home , you need to choose unique but simple and in fashion front gate which could coordinate with the boundaries of your home surrounded walls.
  • In simple words , your front gate should not be too high or too small home decoration tips.

Hall Decoration

  • Hall is the the most prominent part of our house where all guests and outsiders visit.
  • Hence , to give it a unique look and its attractive decoration becomes our priority.
  • we can use different pattern curtains like Tulle curtains , Chiffon curtains , Ruffle curtains in the hall .
  • we can also use beautiful flower pots and family photo frames in the hall to give it a unique look home decoration tips .
  • we can also hang our ancestors portraits to the very front wall of the hall in their respect.

Living Room

  • Living room or we should say only our room . So every person has his own imagined way regarding the decoration of their living room.
  • We can use our family photographs on the walls in different frames and patterns.
  • we can use curtains like Ruffle curtains , Chiffon curtains at the doors.
  • we can also use window valance curtains for the best window treatments.
  • To decor bedding , we can use Bed skirts like Faux silk bed skirts , tulle bed skirt , chiffon ruffle bed skirt etc. with the matching pillow covers.


  • To have a smart and modernized kitchen , you can take the help of expert and interior design professionals .


  • we can use Ruffle Shower Curtains in bathrooms for a better look.
  • More , these help in cleaning the bathrooms from the splashes of water .