Baby first Christmas gift ideas

Baby first Christmas gift ideas

Often we do not know what to give to the baby as a Christmas present , especially if the baby is still very small. In this article I will be pointing out some ideas for a first baby Christmas present.

With the holidays at hand, no doubt many parents and families who have a new family member will want to give the baby a gift for Christmas. However, this is not easy if the baby is very small. Here are some recommendations for you concerning the gift to get to your baby.


Gifts for Baby from zero to six months

At this age the child is not in a fixed state, still trying to understand a lot of things, still busy discovering the world around him and a new object does not necessarily get their attention. This can cause some trouble for parents who already got a lot of things for the baby and the baby isn’t paying any attention to them at all.

Therefore, at this age it is recommended to focus on practical things for day to day living, like clothes for the winter, a stroller, a cradle. In addition, babies require lots of accessories, as objects of childcare and creams definitely. They will do a great service to both parents and the small baby.

If you want to give a little toy, you must first pay attention to the toy being appropriate for their age. The objects of different textures, bright colors and is cuddly,is surely be the best gift suited for the baby.

Gifts for baby 6 to 12 months

Mention of the practical gifts that we discussed above is certainly recommend to any stage a baby is in. From 5 to 6 months you can give away exercise games to enhance the mobility of the baby. From this mode it will begin to exercise its body to improve its development. An example are the tables of activities, although even a squishy ball of appropriate size is perfect for this age.

-Toys To encourage crawling baby: suitable for this are balls, strollers and other mobile toys requiring the baby to chase; This will increase the baby’s desire to know and explore the surroundings.

-Toys To stimulate the eyes and ears of the baby: Are other toys movement, such as hanging mobiles or lamps that reflect lights and shapes and that can have a musical accompaniment.

-Toys To manipulate: This is the small objects that can be manipulated at ease, as boxes and carousels easy to operate, with a weight and size suitable for the baby. It is important to be tough, because the baby will probably experiment with things throwing them to the ground, or stretching them. Other ideas are water toys, baby books and unbreakable toy mirrors.

Gifts for baby 1 to 2 years

From the first year the baby will be an increasing explorer and have more interests in the manipulation of objects. Language also has an increasingly important role and the baby will begin to communicate with more sense to express their feelings and desires. Having all this, here are some appropriate toys for this age:

-Toys To stimulate the baby to talk: are advisable or plastic toys that talk or make sounds, like a teddy speaking to be hugged or a classic phone. Toys with music and animal sounds also stimulate the desire of communication and are a good small gift.

-Toys that involves the manual skills of a baby: Toy constructions equipment and buckets to fit and stack are recommended to practice more complex and delicate movements that help the baby both short and long term, because with the manual skill,it prepares the child for drawing and writing.

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