baby brezza baby food maker

Many people ask questions about why do they need baby feed maker and which baby food maker is good to buy so today i thought to write about this.

Yes surely you can get ready foods available in market these days with variety of variations and options but if you can make your healthy and delicious baby food at home with ease why should buy those ready to buy food options with preservatives and all. There are many food makers available in the market, and based on reviews and feedbacks we came up with product “Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker

Features of Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker

  • Its compact
  • easy to puree and steam
  • simple reheating process with integrated storage system
  • Durable
  • saves lot of time
  • auto-shut and beeping alarm gives freedom to spend time on other things
  • Accessories work perfectly

What buyers are saying about it –

  • It steams faster than a normal steamer. Its because its compact and steams get right to food. I do not need to be in the kitchen afterwards. You can set the time and do other things and beeping sound will tell you once done. Machine itself blend the food automatically
  • Accessories are also good with the product Normal steamer can do the task but here because of beeping, you get freedom of doing other things after starting it
  • I love baby Brezza. I’ve made: apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, chicken breast and much more
  • The clean-up is also simple.
  • It’s super convenient! It has saved me lot of time, then blending in a different blender and  to cleaning so many pans and pots. I LOVE how easy it is to use.It has an auto shut off if there is not enough water in the reservoir. It beeps to alert you, then stops what it was doing. You have to refill and restart.Set it and forget it.
  • The bowl will go cloudy if you put it into the dishwasher, even on the top rack. You can wash it with hands if you can and it will retain its sparkly look for longer. Has a easy fill level so you know how much water to put in the reservoir.

Cons – 

  • My only issue is the blending noise. We do not mind it, but our daughter gets a bit spooked.
  • The biggest problem I have is the size of it, (which is why I removed one star). I wish it was bigger and could make more food at a time. The bowl can only fit 2 apples at a time in there, so if you make your baby food in bulk and freeze it, like I do, then you are going to have to do quite a few batches.

Bottom Line – Its our favorite steamer / blender. Its easy to use and prepare puree food quickly. I would recommend my readers to give it a try. Get more Info

If you want to know about any other topic or product, write to me and i will do that for you.


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