Awesome Nursery Bedding Fabric Collection

Being a mom, its always a dream to decor your kid’s room with awesome dream nursery bedding, furniture and decor accessories. Even though a mom can understand busy life schedule of a mom and i can very well understand it being a mom of 2 little angels.

I love sewing and would love sewing my baby beddings and dresses myself. even i sew my dresses as well sometime. You are surprised knowing how do i get time for sewing out of such a busy schedule. Yes even you can do it if you move with a planner or checklist and plan ahead, you can get time to do your hobby things like listening audio books, sewing yourself or shopping online ( Best sites to shop online at vMommy ) .

Day Planner for a Mom

Kids room need different prints based on kids choices for their nursery bedding. They love bright colors with bold prints. You are sewing person and love sewing yourself then you would surely love exploring some good prints for your kid’s nursery. If you want to buy ready made nursery bedding, visit here. If your sewing lover, I am listing here popular fabric prints to make nursery bedding for your baby

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Chevron Prints





Nursery Bedding

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Nursery Bedding


Nursery Bedding

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Nursery Bedding

Polka Dots

Nursery Bedding

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Animal Prints

Plain voile Fabric in any color for Voile fuller bedskirts

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Silk Printed and Plain fabric

Black Olive Silk Brocade 487 Fabric

Other than adding these fabulous prints to your kid’s room, you can give more live look to room using other decor accessories like wall stickers and kid’s room furniture based on theme of your room.

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