Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day – How to get Best Deals

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Well, many of us really don’t know what the Amazon Prime Day is? So first we talk about what is it after we’ll discuss how to grab benefits of its deals.

Amazon Prime day launched in 2015. This event is only for Prime Members. If you don’t have prime membership yet, don’t lose the opportunity and sign up for prime membership. It will provide you 2 days free shipping on a bunch of things. If you are not interested in commitment, you can sign-up for 30 days trial. On this Day, Amazon announces deals on assorted products whole day, which end for few hours or just before the products sell out.

When is Amazon prime day 2017?

In 2017, Amazon Prime Day will be on 11 July, Tuesday. This event will be extended over 2 days. It will be started on 10 July, Monday at 6pm.

How to Grab Best Deals?

On this Prime Day, there will be blockbuster offers, lightning deals and exclusive products. You should plan to grab the best deals and offers. Amazon is giving big discounts on TVs, Books, Home Appliances and Alcohol also.

  • First you need to be prime member of Amazon.
  • Then, You can grab these deals by following your favourite brands and catch some deals.
  • You can bookmark that particular page, where shoppers will share their best treasures.

What is Amazon Prime Membership

It’s a paid service or program, which gives various advantages to its customers. In Prime Membership, member customers are eligible for free shipping on items they purchase,. They also get various other perks like e-books, Prime videos etc.

Sign up for Amazon Prime

You must have a valid, current Credit card to sign up for Amazon Prime. Because Pre-paid credit cards, gift cards or checking accounts can’t be used for payment on

If you don’t want Amazon Prime Membership, you can sign up for Amazon Prime free trial. After signing up you’ll have access to get free shipping, prime videos and also kindle owner’s library for 2 days. To know more about Amazon Prime, visit Amazon Terms & Conditions.

Although, you would not be owed for free trial, but you would be automatically raised for a paid membership at the end of your trial period. If you want to turn off Amazon Prime Membership recurrence, then click on End Your Amazon Prime Membership.

Amazon Assistant

Amazon assistant will help you to take better decisions to shop online. You can download Amazon assistant for different browsers. It helps you to save your time as well as money by keeping an eye on product comparison.

Amazon App

You can download Amazon App also. You can get product reviews, details and you can also scan gift cards from your smartphones.


Lightening deals

Lightning deals are for limited time periods. These deals appear on Amazon daily. But they are plentiful on Prime Day. These deals offer huge discounts on particular item. Each deal has its limited time (generally a few hours). If you want to buy something, you’ll have to buy in the given period of time, before the deal expires.

Do I need to pay for Amazon prime membership?

Amazon Prime Membership is free for trial period of 30 days and later if you want you can opt, its fee is $99 per annum. If it seems too much, you can pay monthly. Its monthly charges are $8.99. You can cancel your membership anytime.

How much discount on Prime day

  • 20% discount on napping, maternity clothes etc.
  • 20-25% discount on Philips products.
  • Up to 50% discount on electrical items.