all about window tint

All about Window tinting

Window tint is the film on glass to prevent light and heat to some extent. Its used in car glasses or home windows.

Benefits of window tinting –

  • The most common reason of window tinting is for the visual appeal. It increase the eye appeal of home and make it more attractive
  • It reduces UV rays in the house or vehicle,
  • keep temperature cooler by rejecting solar heat,
  • So reduce the cooling cost of house as it block solar heat
  • add a level of privacy as outsider can not see inside
  • protect your furniture or carpet, conserve energy, protect your windows etc
  • With tinting, your can reduce 95% of light and 80% of solar energy and 99% of Ultra violet light.
  • Safe guard your home from real hazards like accidents, storms etc
  • Cost efficient

Points to consider when getting window tinting done –

  • If you want to get your Car glass tint, you need to check how much is legal. As it is illegal at some places
  • It does not look good on some cars
  • Tints look good until they chip or peel. so get good provider for long-lasting tint.
  • When getting window tinting done, check how many years of warranty it gives so in case of damage, it can be replaced
  • Find a good window tinting company in your area and discuss with them all the things and what all they provide and cost
  • Check for provider reviews before ordering service
  • Security – check if it can hold broken glass and protect your valuables from theft
  • Check whether it reduces glare or not. Reduced glare can improve driving experience
  • Check if it blocks UV rays

Most common kind of Window Tint Films –

Different kind of window films can be used based on your climate, window orientation, features you want in a film.

  • Dyed Film – It is also called colored film. Dye is used in this film which absorb light and heat. These are usually darker. These are mostly used in cars and outdoor vehicles that helps reduce glare, minimize heat, and deflect light.
  • Metalized Film – Its prepared by infusing metal to the material. These are infused to the atomic level. Metals used here are aluminium, copper or nickel. Its best for home owners and offices.
  • Deposited Film – It’s similar to metalized film. Here, the film is drawn through a tank containing metal ingots. It’s relatively cheaper. Only difference is only aluminium or nickel is used. Its least widely available.
  • Sputtered Film – Electromagnetic fields direct streams of ions from a chemical inert gas mostly argon toward the metal. Number of metals can be used.
  • Hybrid Film – It contain both – dye and reflective metals. It’s not completely opaque. but has lighter tint color.
  • Ceramic Films – These are most durable and can withstand with any weather condition. The only drawback is its expensive than traditional films because of technology used in it.

Points to remember –

  • Crappy installation and quality can turn nice home look really cheap. If you want to get it done, hire experience and professional services.

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