All about Body pillow

Before discussing about soft body pillow cover let us first know what a pillow. We is need to learn the history behind the pillow .there are several questions which could arise in an individual’s mind like who first analyze the need of pillows and pillow covers , who get the idea of making a pillow cover first , from where this word pillow cover has been derived and several others. Let us discuss it thoroughly and step by step .for the first time the word pillow was used in the 12th century. The word pillow has been taken from the English pilwe and from the Latin language pulvinus .now the question comes in our mind is that who were the people who had used the pillow first time. So the people who had used the pillow for the first time were the people the people of Mesopotamia .During that time only rich people used to pillows. At that time pillows were seen as the status symbol of a particular .More pillows were used to keep the insects, bugs and other reptiles away from the ears, nose and mouth etc.

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The pillows in ancient china –in the old times in china the following materials bamboo, wood, bronze, jade etc were used to make the pillow .The pillows made from the porcelain material were the most popular at that time in china. The Sui Dynasty used the pillows made from the porcelain material for the very first time. Chinese had given different shapes to look more beautiful to their pillows. For better presentation to be given to their pillows they used to make the pictures of various animals, flowers and humans also and then colored them too.

The use of pillows in earlier Europe-in the older times the Romans and the Greeks had created the pillows. The materials used to make these soft pillows were feather, reeds etc.For more comforts more straw stuff was used .But only upper class people could hardly afford these pillows .Further the use of pillows in ancient Europe had increased in the churches while praying and for placing the holy books on .This tradition is followed also today by the people when they go to church for prayer. More pillows were used at the of severe disease to place their head. By the time regions changed, centuries changed but the use of pillow by the people does not change rather it has increased with the time with the different variations in its structures, sizes, materials, shapes etc

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