Affordable Christmas gift ideas

Affordable Christmas gift ideas

Some of us don’t have all that much money to spend buying Christmas gifts for people and our loved ones, so looking for the cheapest gift you can afford comes in mind. This is a list of affordable Christmas gift ideas you can get and from these ideas, you can find more of the affordable gifts;

A liqueur with unicorn tears, for getting drunk with class

Price: from 57 €


A shower gel with beer, to feel good in the morning

Price: from € 11.34


A capsule pitcher bottle opener, to play caps

Price: from € 8.9


A lion’s mane cat

Price: from € 12.85


A redhead sexy calendar

Price: from € 17


A heating unicorn plush, to make everything magical with warm hugs

Price: from € 28


A book to make origami ass, right now it’s much more fun

Price: from € 8.97


A unicorn pilot

Price: from 24 €


A cigarette lighter

Price: from € 12.66


A Monopoly Game of Thrones, to care for the Winter

Price: from € 29.90


A bottle opener that counts the number of bottles opened during the evening

Price: from € 11.09


A guillotine sausage

Price: from 46 €


A ring emoji poop (even better than a big lonely)

Price: from 34 €


A cushion emoji poop, a passion that is lived to the end

Price: from € 2.33


A bright gold collar, THE gift for all fans of Harry Potter

Price: from 10 €


A headband mule (to keep class)

Price: from € 19.99


A stuffed fox heating, essential to face the fall

Price: from € 47.39


A wine cube purse for the evening class

Price: from 38 €


A kit to make rice shaped pandas

Price: from € 7.29


A bottle opener for bike (although drinking and driving is bad)

Price: from € 22


A mask emoji poop, the accessory that was missing from your wardrobe

Price: from € 7.90


A full style ostrich pillow for a nap

Price: from € 9.9


A hammock for the feet, the ultimate purpose for office

Price: from € 15.99


A vibrant cat paw to massage your back

Price: from € 5.25


A watch bottle opener, better than openingwith teeth

Price: from € 140


The children’s drawings recreated fluff

Price: from 55 €


Paper keychain bubble burst at infinity, it feels good

Price: from 15 €


A ring dino, dinos because it’s way too cool

Price: from € 23.14


A magnetic game of darts, for recycle beer capsules

Price: from € 9.90


Unicorns Slippers

Price: from € 10.28

A fluorescent nail polish (or phosphorescent)

Price: from € 4


A little pig to separate the yolk from egg white

Price: from € 8.9


Hobbit feet slippers

Price: from € 29.95


A “Doctor Who” Monopoly

Price: from 52 €


A cookie cutter to make a panda with breadcrumbs

Price: from € 4.65


A rechargeable electric lighter USB

Price: from € 7.95


A cat pencil sharpener

Price: from 16 €


A salt shaker and pepper kit wands

Price: from € 9.95


An egg cup R2D2

Price: from € 14.44


A unicorn mask (magical, obviously)

Price: from 10 €


A game of Russian roulette cream pie Version: Pie Face

Price: from € 34.72


A coloring book with Ryan Gosling

Price: from € 4.83


A box of Belgian beers:

Price: from € 19.90


Deodorant for the car

Price: from € 7.99


A Garden T-Rex, say goodbye to your dwarves

Price: from € 29.79


A USB Car Charger

Price: from 43 €


A bathroom light that turns on touching water

Price: from € 19.95


A roller shot, place your bets

Price: from € 14.99


Inch Star Wars combat, with real light sabers

Price: from € 5.52


A princess bed comforter

Price: from € 59.90


A beer belly

Price: from 35 €


A bracelet with anti-zombie charms

Price: from € 25


A teddy Alien Baby

Price: from € 47.95


Caps of each house of Hogwarts

Price: from € 15.95


The house Simpsons LEGO

Price: from € 199.99


A trick to make bows rainbow cocktails, cooked with class

Price: from € 17.95


A box of canned unicorn meat

Price: from € 19.95


A bed comforter “firefighter” for older children

Price: from € 59.90



Some of these gifts may be funny but that is the spirit of Christmas

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