DIY - Fix Shower Curtain Rod Yourself

DIY – Fix Shower Curtain Rod Yourself

“How do you fix a shower curtain rod that does not stay?”

In today’s scenario, most of the people use shower curtains in their bathrooms. But there are times when the heavy shower curtain rods don’t stay at their place so you have to fix that. Most of the times shower curtain rods keep falling, therefore you will have to fix it properly in the holes.  So friends here we are today, to solve your problems related to this and you really don’t have to worry about this anymore. Shower curtain rods keep falling due to many reasons such as slightly tilted walls, heavy shower curtains etc. We are going to tell you some of the techniques which you could use so that the rods stay at place. Some of the techniques which you can use to prevent the rods from falling are described below.

  • Drilling deep holes: If you want the shower curtain rods to remain at the same place then first of all you need to drill quite deep holes in the wall and fix the rod tightly with the screw driver. This would help the rod to be stable and the rod wouldn’t fall to ground. So friends if you are facing the same issues then try this out!
  • Tightening the screws: If the holes are already drilled and the rod still keeps falling then you must try this out. All you need to do is that to tighten the screws where rod is places. Even if your wall is slightly tilt and rod keeps falling, then by doing this the rod would really not fall to the ground. Therefore friends get a screw driver and tight the screws of where rod is placed.
  • Double stick tape on both ends: You can also use double stick tape on both the ends as well. Though this can help the rod to stay temporary but still it helps somehow. You just need to get a double stick tape and stick it on both the ends of the rod and then fix the other side of double stick tape to the wall. This would help to resolve this issue but certainly for quite less time and the rod might fall again. This is also the cheapest method which most of the people use.
  • Adjusting the shower curtain rod: Many shower curtain rods can be adjusted by twisting the shaft clockwise or anticlockwise as this helps to lengthen the rod. This can also prevent the rod from falling. Therefore folks you need to check this out as well.

Therefore friends we have described you many ways which can help you with this issue. All this issues can also be adjusted by making sure to buy the perfectly sized rod as well. Moreover if the walls of your house are very much straight and not at all titled then this would certainly not happen with you. If you can buy adjustable rods then also this issue can be resolved as we explained that these rods can be adjusted too. Hence folks you don’t have to spend a lot of time anymore just to fix the shower curtain rods!