DIY -Best way to Raise my Shower Head

DIY -Best way to Raise my Shower Head

“Do It Yourself  What is the best way to raise my shower head”

Almost everyone uses the shower in their bathrooms but there are some problems which they face with that as well. One of the problem is that of raising the shower head, which arises generally for tall people or when the shower is placed at a less distance from the ground. This is generally very much uncomfortable for someone who is taking bath. So friends today we are going to tell you some of the techniques and methods which you can use to resolve this problem. Before explaining this to you, many of you would be thinking that why is it essential to raise the shower head, after all we have to do is bath, no? If your shower head is not raised up at a comfortable height then you might face some problems such as that the shower head will bang in your head every time you go for a bath, if it is not raised properly at some height. Hence it becomes very essential to raise the shower head. Some of the techniques which you can use to raise the shower head are given below.

  • Installing adjustable shower arm: One of the best ways to raise the shower head is by purchasing the adjustable shower arm. In adjustable showers, the shower head can be adjusted easily as per the requirement of the one who is taking bath. It is very much comfortable and you can rotate and move the shower head as well, as per your need. So you don’t have to wait anymore folks, just go to the nearest shopping complex and buy this adjustable shower arm to resolve this issue.
  • Unscrewing shower head: Another technique which you could use is that to unscrew the shower head and then placing it again in the shower rod and screwing it again at a desired height. This is more of a manual technique and has been used by numerous people as it is less costly and just requires a screw driver. So for those you don’t want to spend much of their money then this is the best option for you.
  • Installing the shower again: If you are still unable to raise the shower head, then you must contact your plumber and get the shower head installed again. You need to get it installed at a desirable height and ask him to buy an adjustable shower head. This would literally help you out to resolve this problem.
  • Installing handheld shower head: You can also install handheld shower head which would certainly help you to resolve this problem.

Therefore you have got to know enough methods and techniques which you can really use and that too without spending too much. So you don’t have to be concerned about this anymore folks! We suggest you the best option, which is to install the adjustable shower arm. Though this might seem a quite costly to you but this would surely give you long term benefits. Good luck folks!

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