Top 5 things Married couples fight about

Top 5 things Married couples fight about

Hey all, do you know what are the common things for married couples to fight. Today I will explain about it. As we all know that there should not be always a reason for that we fight. Most of the fights occur by misunderstanding and partner’s inability to withstand it. Let me explain you the common things that married couples fight about

  • Money: Most of the people fight because they don’t have money to fulfil the wishes of their partners. Hence they struggle a lot for earning and may fight for unnecessary reasons.
  • Affairs: If you are being in an affair and you are caught red handed then that will make your partner angry and they may start fighting with you.
  • Relationship: When the relationship weakens then they start to fight with you in order to be separated and lead their own lives.
  • Children: Parents will be more possessive about their children and if they are not performing as per their wish then parents start fighting cursing each other that it was their fault.

So that was the common reasons why married couples fight about. Sometimes the fights might be due to some external factors. Before marriage we will be always caring about our partners. But gradually we will be losing our interest in it and avoid it. It is the major reason why the fight starts. Sometimes over caring is also dangerous. Misunderstanding is another factor in which people starts fighting. All these fights finally results in divorce or living alone. Children are always suffering these fights. They don’t have the voice to react too. I don’t understand why people fight with their loved ones. Either someone is trying to get them fought or something is hidden in their mind. The more you are an open minded person the less will be the fights. Nowadays both husband and wife will have jobs and they will be already having several work pressures in their office. If unnecessary fights and complaints starts then this will make them more stressed and they finally get separated. Both the couples will be busy complaining each other and they may set their topic earlier. This will make the other frustrated and they will start complaining to you which results in a big fight. Then family members will be included in it and this will make a tragic end.

So why are we simply creating this type of incidents. Just be calm and understand your partners. The day when you are able to understand your partners all your fights will end. Always have a positive attitude. Be co-operative with all. Have a great smile in your face. This will affect you positively both in your professional life and family life. Instead of fighting with each other understand the situation and act based on that. If there is any sorrow then share it with your family so that they may help you cross that situation. Family is not a place where you show your inferiority. You must be soft and engaging. This will create a good atmosphere. So hope that you will take care of these tips.


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