your relationship with husband impact kids

your relationship with husband impact kids

If you are married with a kid, but you and your wife do not love each other, what should you do?

Hey all, most of you had faced this situation in your life. Sometimes you won’t be capable of taking decisions. Your decision is so important in maintaining your family. So let me help you in that. First of all make sure that you and your wife will never love each other. This policy comes to your mind when you are not able to adjust with each other. But if you have a kid, then think twice before you take any decision. Your decision can create a bad impression about you in your child’s mind. Children will always want their parents to be in good relationship rather than fighting all the time. But sometimes when it is so difficult to adjust then it will be better to get divorced. The child should be given the opportunity to take decision on who with which he live. The other parent will be given an opportunity in a month to visit their child as per law.  This legal decision will make you hurt but you must be capable of withstanding it. Also after divorce it will be very difficult for you to live alone and doing things yourself.

So you must analyse every aspectbefore taking any decision. Let me point out to you some of the problems that you may face while getting divorced:-

  • Loneliness: You will feel very much lonely after you get divorced and there will be no one to look after you and obey you
  • Work load: The work load upon you will increase as you yourself has to take care of everything.
  • Dependability: There will be no one for you to be dependant on anything. Hence you will feel lonely.
  • Bad habits: After divorce most of the people starts bad habits such as smoking or drinking which eventually led them to serious diseases.

Despite of all the above factors there are people who are living their life up to their maximum enjoyment. Most of them prefer a second marriage. Some others will start engaging with girls. And some others may start a new company or organisation in order to avoid the loneliness and utilise the free time. So even if you have a kid it is not so difficult to get divorced. But all these things depend upon your capability. You must be very much positive minded in order to face the upcoming situations. Maybe it will be very difficult for you to adjust with the circumstances. The children will find it very difficult to accept the situation that their parents are no longer together. Before doing anything you must understand your partner and find the reasons for your fights. If it can be corrected then you must find various ways to resolve it. A family can only be maintained by adjustments. You will be having a lot of commitments too. Those who are capable of solving these things will eventually succeed in life. Ask your kid that whether you are a good father or mother. Their explanation tells it all. You must realise that what you think about yourself is not true. Think from other’s side too. Then you will be leading a better family life. So good luck.


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