Parents divorce screw up kids

Does Parents Divorce screw up kids

So today let’s have a discussion on some serious matter. Both divorce and conditional relationship has its own problems. In my view the problems arising after divorce is acceptable rather than living in a family that looks awful. Let me explain it. The following disadvantages are there for kids who live in house where parents don’t love each other:-

  • Suffering anger: The parents will be always complaining about each other and both will be angry always. Sometimes they put their anger on kids.
  • Sleeping empty stomach: Sometimes mother don’t cook food when they are angry with your father. Hence you may sleep empty stomach most of the days.
  • Disturbance: Parents try to disturb you for small things. They won’t tell it to their partners. They simply call you and order you to do so.
  • No peace: You won’t be having peace. The struggle at home follows you the whole day emotionally.
  • Affects studies: Fight between parents results disturbance in your studies.

So overall we can say that kids who are living with parents who always fight each other are always screwed up. Now let’s see what will happen if they are divorced. There will be some disadvantages too:-

  • Obeying single parent: You may be compelled to obey a single parent and everything will be under his wish.
  • Suffering step-parents: You will be suffered by your step-parents even if you are not interested with their decisions.
  • Bad standard of living: It is bad standard to become divorced in front of others. They will treat you in a different manner

It is pretty clear by looking at boththe cases that the second option is more reliable. Moreover it is better to become divorced rather than living together with a lot of pressure. Before getting divorced you must analyse what are the reasons for these fights? Once you are able analyse it you must find different ways to keep the bondage of the family alive. When you start fighting it is the children who are going to suffer. If there is no other option then it is good to be getting divorced. After all, the children will be saved. Small fights are common in our families. But when it exceeds the limit it will become a curse for you and also the people surrounding you. Don’t admit your children to boarding’s ever. One of the parents must take care of the child. Else there is no point in getting divorced.

When you fight each other you are not considering the kids. You must realise that in future your kids will be doing this to you. They will drop you in old age homes for the sufferings you had given to them. At that time you will realise how important it is to be there in a family. A family is made through a lot of adjustments. You must listen to your partner and do things according to their likes. It is not possible that everything will be under your preferences. So there must be an adjusting mentality. It is not for you; but for the kids and your family. Children are the light of a family. Don’t ever disappoint them!


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