5 Ways To Improve Your Garden At Little To No Cost

I love to garden and I am always looking for ways to improve on what I already have established.  The problem I run into is that everything is so darn expensive. So it’s important to find the ways to improve your garden.

Does this sound familiar?

What if I told that that I grow enough produce to feed my family for the entire year in a garden that I spent less than $40 on this last year.  Using these simple steps to improve my garden without breaking the bank, I produced over 200 lbs of produce.

In Fact, I haven’t gone to the grocery store in 3 months.  It takes more than what I am doing in my garden to achieve that, but you have to start somewhere!

These simple concepts hold true when you are growing a flower bed as well.  Vegetables are looking for more of the same basic necessities as your rose bushes, I promise.  You can get started with many of these today, even though it’s the dead of winter for many of us.

Let’s get down to business:

Are Your Still Buying Mulch?

Providing an organic layer of insulation keeps your soil moist and at a steady temperature.  This does wonders for your garden while preventing weeds from growing.

Mulch provides so much for my garden, but beauty is not at the top of the list.  I know that beauty is half of the battle for many of you, but think about how much money you would save in your used two inches of a free mulch alternative and then topped it off with “pretty mulch”.

I have tried many different mulch alternatives and have found that leaves, grass, hay, and wood chips work the best.  Stop spending money to get rid of the leaves when you can save money by keeping them!

Why Aren’t You Saving Seeds?

Saving your seeds is one of the simplest ways to improve your garden at no cost at all.  If you allow some of your plants to seed and harvest them, you can save yourself a ton of money.

I started saving seeds six years ago when I realized that I was spending over $400 on seeds to start my garden each year.  I quickly built up a large enough stock to last me years if I store them right.  I often trade my excess seeds with other gardeners for new varieties that I don’t have.

If You Aren’t Composting, You Are Crazy!

You can walk away from this article right now and start composting if you aren’t already.  It’s such as easy skill and is well worth the little time it takes produce.

Don’t get caught up in making the perfect mixture in the perfect compost tumbler.  While these all help make the process work faster, dumping the scraps from dinner in a pile out back is all it takes.  You can do this right now and make a huge first step.

Buy Plants On Clearance!

I love to hit the clearance racks in the fall an buy anything that still looks healthy.  Any plant that you can get for cheap that will come back next year or go to seed this year, is a major win.  Any plants that I do purchase are typically purchased in the fall!

Stop Digging Up The Soil

Tilling and digging in gardens is something that almost everyone does without second guessing anything.  Modern research is starting to suggest that we don’t bother the soil at all after to get started.

The idea is that you keep adding compost and other nutrient rich layers of soil to improve the quality, but don’t mix it in.  We spend so much time getting worms and beneficial bacteria to grow in our soil, then most of is stick a shovel through it after, working against everything we are doing.