Tray Ceiling

5 Unique Tray Ceiling Designs to Transform your Home

If you are looking for some exceptional designs to give your home an immaculate appearance,tray ceiling designs can be a perfect choice for you! A fabulous ceiling offers an exciting tone for any room interior. You can play with your imagination to create a sense of coziness and have an exceptional feel that truly stands out. Here are some classic tray ceiling designs that you may consider to make your dream come true.

Pendant light power

Innovative styles can give your home a sophisticated look. To achieve that consider hanging a pendant light from the center of your tray ceiling designs and it will create an interesting focal point. By applying a lightning fixture you are adding a decorative flourish on a space. These are mostly popular to use above kitchen islands, but pendants can add sparkle to any room of a home. Whether you are thinking to have a dazzling look at your dining space, bedroom or even living room, it can be a top choice for creative tray ceiling  designs. You can also add contrast incorporating LED pot lights to offer an attractive appearance and makes the style even more elegant and strategic!

Tray Ceiling Designs
by David Somerville

Accent abstract light fixture inside plain tray ceiling

To make a stylish feeling you can paint your ceiling with a modern off white color that gives the entire design a warm appeal. Sometimes the crisp white paint can make your space feel ordinary but don’t worry, by adding another color scheme you can completely warm things up and create a soothing atmosphere in a room. Gray softens the reflective quality of white and will help “quiet” the space, while adding beige or brown undertones will make a room appear warmer and welcoming. The patterned glass lighting fixture above the dining area added an amazing look complimenting a sofa color and giving this room a whole new appeal!

Tray Ceiling Designs
by Richard Luke Architects

Wood accents inside tray ceiling

Opposite concept can be brilliant as well! Instead of painting the entire tray ceiling designs in the same white color, consider adding a different pattern or mix in a different shade to make a big statement. As presents below in this kitchen, the center portion of this ceiling designed with dark brown color while remaining part creates a perfect ambiance with the white pattern. You can also consider wooden style or bead board that will add a sense of warmth and texture to your interior.

Tray Ceiling Designs
by MHK Architecture & Planning

Chandelier to match interior

You can be exceptional to design your ceiling by adding various shapes to it. Don’t forget to hang glamorous chandelier that offers a contemporary feel at your home! This can be a nice addition, and you will see the immediate transformation of overall appearance. Grey can be a stylish choice for those who are willing to have a brilliant contrast to their rooms. As featured here this kitchen is designed with oval tray ceiling designs that keeps an interesting variation of this residence.


Tray Ceiling Designs
by KuDa Photography

Tray ceiling with LED cove lighting

Tray ceiling with a combination of white patterns creates a dramatic effect as well! There are plenty design opportunities with tray ceilings as this offer an interesting and artistic appeal with altering the visual contrast for any room and making a perfect ambiance. You can have an innovative design using this style that creates the impression of a more tasteful illumination. As presents below the white tray ceiling designs turns this dining room into an absolute dream. If you are looking to have a more dramatic impact, paneled doors or windows with glass arrangements can help with creative appearance. The strategic lighting offers a classic tone at this interior. If you like crown moldings or wall trims, you can apply that to have an exquisite contrast and modern feel that definitely catches anyone eyes.

Tray Ceiling Designs
by Mark English Architects

Tray ceiling can perfectly match with small rooms too. It can create a fabulous interior at your home and add a dramatic effect. For a beautiful appearance you can combine your design with different cove lighting arrangements. Go with your own choice and let your ceiling glow with creativeness!