Tips to make smaller room bigger

One of my room is smaller and i keep trying ways to look it more spacious and better. I tried so many things, did so many experiments and have my list here about how to make your smaller space look bigger. Let me share my tricks with you.

  1. Always use lighter color scheme in spite of darker or brighter colors. White, pastles and neutral colors are possibilities.
  2. Limit the number of items or accessories to look it clean and finished.
  3. Keep your floor or rug in lighter color. You can use striped rugs to elongate the space.
  4. Make your ceiling light color
  5. Rather than putting so many small paintings on a wall, try to put one single large painting.
  6. Mirrors can be added to the wall as it gives reflection and so give broader and wider look …. give a feel of spacious room.
  7. Rather than putting larger furniture, keep it smaller. In place of sofa, chairs will work better. Or may be smaller sofa. Keep the sofa nearer the wall. Furniture with exposed legs looks better than covered legs as it shows more space and wider feel.
  8. Glass table usually looks good in smaller space as these are transparent and give look of more space.
  9. You can skip curtains for windows and leave these uncovered  which in turn reveal wider look and outer natural view. If you want to put some privacy try gauzy sheer white drapes for an airy feel. – Visit sheer shabby chic curtains here
  10. Make use of Hidden storage and Multi-purpose items.
  11. You can hang book self near the ceiling to draw the eye upward.
  12. You can use glass items and accessories for decoration
  13. Go for small prints fabric or solid colors for sofa covers and bed sheets.
  14. Don’t fill up every exposed self in the room. Leaving empty spaces give broader look.
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