10 tips to take better selfie

10 Tips to Take Better Selfie

Today, the selfie has become more popular in our world. Not everyone knows how to pose to take a selfie. We look different in the photos than in any camera app. It is not easy to take better selfie while you holding the camera. Here we are going to give you some tips to take better selfie and also how to hold the phone while taking selfie.

We face difficulty, while taking selfie because we are the only person who is in front of the camera and also behind it. Here are the tips to take better selfie –

Stand in the Light

When you take a selfie, please ensure the area should be with elegant lightning. It may be near the window or outside. You need to hold your phone in front of the face then revolve the camera. It will help you to see yourself. Turn 90 degrees and Glimpse at the background. Now, turn 90 degrees another time. Take turn until you find a spot with magnificent lightning and decent background. Once you found that you are back where you begun, take a selfie here. There are two best times to shoot in a day. First – after sunrise and second – before sunset.

Tips to Take Better Selfie


One thing to remember, when you take selfie is don’t be shy in front of the camera. You should try to take some silly or sensual photos. You need to be confident . If you are confident and making fun of yourself, it will be shown in your photos. And it will give your selfies’ better look.

Tips to Take Better Selfie

Use Bold Lipsticks

You should wear bright color lipstick, while you take selfie. It will give your photo a central point. and your pout pose will give you glorious look.

Tips to Take Better Selfie

Selfie Stick

Selfie Sticks are really very helpful to take better selfie. If you are using first time a selfie stick, it seems odd. But if you use a selfie stick, your photos will look really good. There are two types of selfie sticks –

Tips to Take Better Selfie

  • Weird
  • Bluetooth

Bluetooth selfie sticks are more preferred because they are easy to connect with phone.

No Mirror

When you take a selfie, make sure that there is no mirror in the photo. You can also take a selfie by staring into mirror.

Tips to Take Better Selfie

Release Camera’s Shutter

Usually, we hold phone with one hand, but a slight trickier to carry it reliably and take a photo.You can also use shutter release button or any one of the volume buttons to take selfie quickly, if you have iPhone.

Tips to Take Better Selfie

Shoulder Placement

Shoulder Placement is necessary, while taking selfie. Shoulders should not be parallel to the camera. To have a best selfie, turn your shoulders marginally to the left and then a little to the right.

Tips to Take Better Selfie

Try something new

You can add some fashion accessories with your selfie. Wear a pair of glasses or spectacles before taking selfie. You can show your colored hair, curl hair in your selfie. If you have any pet (puppy, cat, rabbit), you can take a selfie with them.

Tips to Take Better Selfie

Slant your Head

If you tilt your head while taking selfie, your face will look thinner and will enhance your personality.

Tips to Take Better Selfie

Full-Body Show

Selfie doesn’t mean only to click your face. You should show your body’s other parts too. You can take a pic of your feet also. May be your feet selfie look more beautiful than your face.

Tips to Take Better Selfie

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